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Baker Williams Distillery

Baker Williams - Madges London Dry Gin

Madges London Dry Gin

Madge may have sworn off the booze but we'll still lift a pinky to say cheers! Kick the corgis off the couch and tell Haz and Megs to stop whining. it's gin o'clock.!

Juniper at its core with a beautiful layering of botanicals including coriander, angelica, cassia, as well as an antipodean twist with tassie pepperberry, lemon myrtle and lovely Mudgee citrus.

Garnish with another G&T, lie back and think of England, nah - never mind that, it will just bore your bollocks off.


Serving Suggestion

What are you barmy??

  • Gin & Tonic ya daft plonker!

500ml 40% ABV. Product of Australia.