Baker Williams - Whisky Barrel Aged Gin ll

Whisky Barrel Aged Gin II

What do you do when you get to the bottom of a barrel of whisky? Take a deep breath & then refill it with a robustly spiced gin!

Barrels themselves are notoriously thirsty, soaking up a substantial volume of spirit, in this particular case, our Lachlan III Single Barrel Whisky. By refilling the cask with our gin, we’re able to lever a small amount of whisky out to subtly infuse our gin, providing depth, warmth & richness.

Layers of lifted spice; cinnamon myrtle, cassia, angelica, pepperberry combined with our signature orange & cumquat wrapped around the foundations of juniper & coriander deliver a gin made for quiet reflection, pause & good company.

Serving Suggestions
Enjoy neat or on the rocks
In martinis that are only scantily clad in good vermouth
A Gin Old Fashioned
Underneath mistletoe with the right person

500mL 46% ABV. Product of Australia

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